St. Petersburg Federal Research Center
of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Multipurpose Mobile Platform
Mobile Autonomous Robotic Platform, that comprises a basic lower block and reconfigurable upper one, is aimed at solving the following tasks: cargo transportation, autonomous localization, navigation, and terrain maps building. The advantage of the developed solution is the reconfigurable upper part of the platform as adaptable to the customers’ tasks.

Basic configuration technical features:
•    Dimensions of the main body, frame-60x60x32 cm;
•    Standard load capacity of the platform - 20 kg;
•    Battery pack - LiPo 44000 mAh 14.8 V;
•    Battery life-up to 8 hours;
•    Omni-directional wheels;
•    Two LIDARs with 360 ° viewing angle;
•    Sixteen laser rangefinders with an obstacle detection range up to 0.5 m;
•    NVIDIA Jetson TX2 computing module;
•    ROS-based software.

Basic configuration - 600,000 ₽
Modified cofiguration – in accordance with the customer order

Developed by the team of SPC RAS (SPIIRAS) laboratory of Autonomous Robotic Systems (
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