St. Petersburg Federal Research Center
of the Russian Academy of Sciences


ADOP 2021

First International Conference on Agriculture Digitalization and Organic Production (ADOP 2021). The aim of the conference is to consolidate interdisciplinary knowledge in the field of agriculture, biology, robotics, information technology and economics to solve urgent problems of digitalization of organic livestock and crop production based on the achievements of fundamental science and the best practices of agricultural companies.


  • Ground robotic systems in crop production
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles in crop production
  • Aerospace monitoring tools in crop production
  • Robotic animal husbandry
  • Digitalization of technological processes of agricultural production
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of digital technologies for the production of organic products
  • Rational nature management and ecology in agricultural production
  • Technologies for the production of organic agricultural products
  • Market analysis of organic agricultural products
  • Legal aspects of organic production

Conference dates and location: June 07-09, 2021, St. Petersburg, Russia


International Conference Speech and Computer - SPECOM is a regular event launched in 1996 and addressed to the researchers engaged in computer speech processing, multimodal interfaces and applied systems in telecommunications, robotics, intelligent and cyberphysical environments.


  • Affective computing
  • Audio-visual speech processing
  • Corpus linguistics
  • Computational paralinguistics
  • Deep learning for audio processing
  • Feature extraction
  • Forensic speech investigations
  • Human-machine interaction
  • Speech translation systems
  • Speech-based applications
  • УSpoken dialogue systems
  • Language identification
  • Multichannel signal processing
  • Multimedia processing
  • Multimodal analysis and synthesis
  • Sign language processing
  • Speaker recognition
  • Speech and language resources
  • Spoken language processing
  • Text mining and sentiment analysis
  • Speech and voice disorders
  • Speech driving systems in robotics
  • Speech enhancement
  • Speech perception
  • Speech recognition and understanding
  • Speech synthesis
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Voice assistants

Conference dates and location: September 27-30, 2021; St. Petersburg, Russia


5th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Robotics addresses professionals doing research in the areas of human-robot interaction, social robotics and collaborative robotics.


  • Assistive robots
  • Child-robot interaction
  • Collaborative robotics
  • Social robotics
  • Educational robotics
  • Human-robot interaction
  • Medical robotics
  • Safety robot behavior
  • Robotic mobility systems
  • Robots at home
  • Robot control and communication

Conference dates and location: September 27-30, 2021; St. Petersburg, Russia


28th International Conference on Parallel, Distributed, and Network-Based Processing (PDP-2020)


  • Advancements in high performance bioinformatics and Biomedicine
  • Security of parallel, distributed, and network computing
  • Storage architectures and data transfer systems for computing BigData and Exascale
  • Accomplishements in the time-sensitive communications technology
  • High-performance computing in modeling and simulation
  • High-performance computing for neuroscience

Conference dates and location: March 11-13, 2020, Vasteras, Sweden

ХVI All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference “Advanced Control Systems and Tasks»

Analysis of the current state and forming promising directions in elaborating key technologies at developing robotic complexes (systems) of civil, military, special and dual – use (RTC) and their basic elements aimed at improving the functionality and expanding the application tasks’ set.


  • Robotic complexes (systems) for air, land and sea-based military, special, and dual-use applications
  • Application of robotic complexes (systems) at solving national economy problems
  • Problem of the RTС technology diversification
  • Tasks and problems of the RTC group applications for military use, including interaction with conventional weapons, military and specialized equipment
  • Intelligent and adaptive control systems (movement, behavior), including the group one
  • Scientific and technical problems of cybersecurity of robotic complexes and systems
  • Robotic complexes energy
  • Communication and data transmission means
  • Navigation and targeting systems
  • Internal state sensors, drives and manipulators
  • Technical vision systems
  • Onboard computing systems and complexes

Conference dates and location: April 5-9, 2021, Dombay, Russia.

16th International Conference on Electromechanics and Robotics "Zavalishin's Readings" (ER(ZR)-2021)

The conference was established as a tribute to the memory of Dmitry Aleksandrovich Zavalishin (1900-1968) – a Russian scientist, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, professor, doctor of technical sciences, honored worker of science and technology of the RSFSR, founder of the new research school of valve energy converters based on a synthesis of electric machines and electronic and semi-conductor energy converters.


  • Robot control and communication
  • Electric drives and mechatronic modules
  • Human-robot interaction
  • Sensor networks and cloud services for robots
  • Cyberphysical systems
  • Electric power conversion
  • Renewable energy sources systems
  • Electric power systems and networks
  • Management in the electric power industry
  • Dynamics of machines and robots
  • Электроснабжение и релейная защита
  • Dynamics of multi-link systems
  • Control of vibrating systems
  • Biomechanical systems and technologies
  • Electric drive of processing units
  • Electrotechnology and power conversion equipment

Conference dates and location: April 14-17, 2021, Ufa, Russia

VI Interregional Scientific and Practical conference “Advanced Lines of Development in National Information Technologies”


  • Problems of information society development and through digital technologies. Digital economy
  • Basic problems of information technology development
  • Artificial intelligence and “Smart City” technologies
  • Information environment and telecommunication infrastructure
  • Information technologies in critical infrastructures and information security
  • Information technologies in mechanical engineering
  • Информационные технологии в морехозяйственной деятельности
  • Information technologies in marine management
  • IT products and services. Import substitution and technological security of IT sector
  • Geographic information systems and satellite monitoring

Conference dates and location: September 22-24, 2020, Sevastopol, Russia

11th Conference "Information Technologies in Control" (ITC-2020) within the 13th Russian Multi-Conference on Control Problems (RMCPС-2020)

From October 06 - 08, 2020, the 13th Russian multi-conference on control problems (RMCPC-2020) is held in St. Petersburg at the State Research Center of the Russian Federation, JSC "Concern "CRI "Electropribor"”.

Conference dates and location: October 06-08, 2020, St. Petersburg, Russia.

XVII St. Petersburg International Conference "Regional Informatics (RI-2020)”

The conference is held in St. Petersburg under the auspices of UNESCO with the support of the Government of St. Petersburg on a biannual basis since 1992. The founders of the conference: the Government of St. Petersburg, Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, Government of Leningrad Region, the RF Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the RF Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Communications, the Russian Academy of Education, Department of Nanotechnologies and Information Technologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and other.


  • State policy in informatization. Digital economy;
  • Theoretical problems of informatics and informatization;
  • Telecommunication networks and technologies;
  • Information security;
  • Information technologies in industrial production;
  • Information technologies in transport;
  • Information technologies in research;
  • Information technologies in education;
  • Legal problems of Informatization;
  • Round table "Information and analytical support of State Government Bodies”;
  • Information and psychological security;
  • Information technologies in medicine and healthcare;
  • Information technologies in ecology;
  • Information technologies for managing marine equipment and marine infrastructure facilities;
  • Information technologies in design, publishing and printing industry
  • Information technologies in economy;
  • Information support of financial and credit sphere and business;
  • Information technologies in critical infrastructures;
  • Geoinformation systems;
  • Information technologies in socio-computing;
  • Round table " Information technologies in the Arctic Region exploration”;
  • Youth scientific school " Intelligent secure information systems and technologies»;

Conference dates and location: October 28-30, 2020, St. Petersburg, Russia