St. Petersburg Federal Research Center
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

From May 31- June 6, 2021, the XVII International Forum-Competition of Students and Young Scientists "Actual Problems of Subsoil Use" was held by the St. Petersburg Mining University with the support of the International Center of Competencies in Mining Engineering Education under the auspices of UNESCO. The Forum gathered more over 700 full-time and online speakers and attendees from 48 countries and 178 universities and companies from around the world, including Prof. Andrey Ronzhin of SPC RAS and its staff members: Denis Ivanko and Elena Fedorchenko.

Participation in the forum-competition provided for a unique opportunity to discuss the most important problems of the industry. The session "Information and Telecommunications Technologies and Digital Transformation", attended by Prof. Andrey Ronzhin, the Director of SPC RAS, considered the following issues: digitalization and automation of technological processes in metallurgy and mining; oil refining and mechanical engineering; digital logistics complexes and computer simulators; industrial mechatronic systems and robotics; intelligent energy-saving technologies; information technologies and cybersecurity in the mineral and resource complex, focused on the development of computer science and automation.