St. Petersburg Federal Research Center
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

You are invited to take part in international conferences organized by SPC RAS:

9th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Robotics (ICR 2024), October 14-18, 2024, Mexico City, Mexico.

26th International Conference "Speech and Computer" SPECOM-2024, November 25-28, 2024, Belgrade, Serbia.

Proceedings of SPECOM and ICR Conferences are included in the Springer publications calendar for 2024, in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS)/ Lecture Notes in ArtificiaICR series Intelligence (LNAI).

LNCS/LNCS series is indexed in Scopus (Q2). The proceedings of the Conferences are published prior to the events beginning. Proceedings of the preceding years can be found on the Springerlink website: ICR, SPECOM